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What are the advantages of flyknit shoes?

Release time:2020-05-28 source:Xiongde New Material Technology Co., Ltd

Advantages of flyweaved shoes: fashionable personality, low-carbon environmental protection, breathable comfort, cost saving. Flyweaved upper is now made of yarn. Some enterprises in Guangdong are considering using some new composite materials. Some enterprises are developing environmental protection natural materials such as bamboo fiber, waterproof technology, etc. to make flyweaved shoes not only wearable, durable, but also environmental friendly. More research and development institutions, in order to meet the needs of consumers who also want to wear fly woven shoes in winter, use wool as the material of vamp, achieving the effect of warmth preservation and air permeability.
In China, Anta first released the breathing net multi-functional flying textile shoes, which became the representative of the domestic flying textile shoes technology. The use of all-round breathable weaving can accelerate the foot heat dissipation. At the same time, in the process of weaving breathing net, the mesh similar to fish scale is selected to improve the air permeability. After several years of rapid development in China, fly woven shoes are light and light, with the functions of light, soft, breathable, waterproof, deodorant and so on, perfectly interpreting the omnipotent fly woven shoes.
Today, all kinds of sports and life can see different styles and functions of flying textile shoes, this pair of "socks" has inadvertently been integrated into our life. Fly weaving. This technology has changed the design of sports shoes, but also changed the textile enterprises. Yarn, one of the main raw materials of flyer shoes.
The variety of yarn also determines the diversification and functionalization of flyknit upper. Therefore, it is very important to choose several good raw materials of flyweave vamp. Dongwu textile has been focusing on the production of computer machine yarn for ten years. At present, there are many kinds of fly knitting shoe yarn: hot melt yarn, hollow yarn, spandex rubber thread, nylon fish thread, high elastic yarn, etc.

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