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What is flying fabric? What material is it?

Release time:2020-05-28 source:Xiongde New Material Technology Co., Ltd

What kind of material is flying fabric? Flying fabric is a kind of common upper fabric.
Flying weaving is a kind of technology, which is generally made of yarn. Yarn is a thin and long product made of fiber or filament after the first twisting, with tensile strength and softness. The strand is made of two or more yarns combined. After the second twisting, its fineness, strength and evenness are improved compared with the yarn. Strong is a product made of stranded wire and all twisted for the third time. In fact, flying weaving does not refer to fabric material, but fabric textile technology, so flying weaving is a technology word.
So what's the history of flying weaving?
To speak of flyweaver, we have to mention that Nike is the Nike with great achievements on sneakers. Flyweaver is a new lightweight technology developed by Nike Company, which is mainly used for the processing of the whole sneaker upper. The sneakers produced by this technology are widely used in NBA and Olympic Games!
What is flyknit? It is a kind of shoe upper made by Nike flyknit textile technology, so flyknit is a kind of special upper fabric.
What kind of material is flyknit?
Flying fabric is a kind of vamp fabric. At present, most of Nike sports shoes used in the Olympic Games are made of chemical fiber, and mainly of blended fabric. The blended fabric here mainly refers to the fact that the fabric composition is not single, and it is possible to have polyester, spandex and cotton yarn.
However, Xiaobian thinks that at present, most of the Nike vamp should be made of polyester, and a small amount of spandex will be added to improve the overall stretch ability of the vamp, making the vamp more comfortable.

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